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We act as your Fractional Chief Accessibility/Disability Officer. We help you navigate ADA Sections 503 and 508, workforce disability issues and reasonable accommodations.

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Digital Accessibility and Disability Compliance Services

Do you need to comply with federal or contract vendor policies and guidelines around accessibility and disability issues? Are you risking the future of your corporate contracts because you are not ADA compliant?  We help business become compliant within the required timeframe. 

We act as your fractional Chief Accessibility or Disability Officer.

We take the pain out of navigating your business through ADA compliance, so you are 100% compliant within required regulatory deadline.  

We make the process easy and efficient. With our in-house expertise and vast network, our services ensure your ability to comply with federal disability regulations and corporate policy. 

Our team members understand disability and business and are dedicated to our clients’ financial success by achieving compliance with ADA regulations, reaching all customers, utilizing strengths of all employees, and including people of all abilities. Our services are customized to your needs and make use of existing resources as much as possible with minimal disruption to your business structure, processes and routines. 

We collaborate with you to develop a plan that works with your culture, workflow, and budget. 

Software Solutions

For All Abilities provides a software solution to help you enable your employees, especially those with ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Differences and Autism, to work to their strengths! We assess all of your employees through our software and prescribe and train them to use individualized supports and reasonable (ADA required) accommodations so they can work productively and feel valued.

While other software products assess competency, compliance or performance, we are different in the use of our deep clinical knowledge in disabilities and learning to key in on cognitive differences and physical differences that are keeping your employees from working productively and comfortably.

Our tool then provides a customized report with recommended individualized supports or reasonable (ADA) accommodations, and training on how to use the supports, for any employee that has a need. For All Abilities can customize the assessment tool for each employer to meet their employees' needs.

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Email us at for more information, to engage us as your Chief Accessibility or Disability Officer or if you would like to be involved in our beta testing. For All Abilities also provides consulting and training for disability/employment issues.

We are experts in helping you navigate the challenges of disabilities and neurodiversity in the workplace.

Our Podcast

Listen to our podcast, For All Abilities, on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Podbean or anywhere you listen to podcasts.

COMING SOON: A support and training portal to help individuals navigate their cognitive differences to work to their strengths and minimize their differences. Join our email to get the opportunity to be one of the inaugural members!

About Us

Our Founder : Betsy Furler

Betsy is a subject matter expert in accessibility, disabilities, education, cognition, language. She specializes in workplace disability issues especially for employees with ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Differences, Autism and other forms of neurodiversity. Trained as a speech pathologist, Betsy brings over 2 decades of experience with people with a wide range of abilities to the business world. She is an invited expert for the W3C Accessibility Guidelines Working Group - Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Taskforce (COGA) working on digital accessibility issues and WCAG standards. Betsy is the host of the podcasts, Your App Lady and For All Abilities:The Podcast. She is also an author of four books and has written chapters in several other books. Betsy is an experienced public speaker and trainer. She is an expert in the use of technology to improve lives especially for people with disabilities. She has used her experience working with people with a wide range of disabilities and ages to help companies support employees and to use tech to improve lives of all people and maximize tech product reach to often overlooked portions of the population.

The Extent Of The Problem For All Abilities Can Solve

80 million Americans with a diagnosed cognitive disability
$13,996 The cost to replace a low to mid level employee
$20.1 Billion The value of unfilled IT jobs perfect for people with ADHD, Autism and LD.
100% Employees with unique strengths and needs.


Assesses all employees for strengths, needs and preferences

Customized for each employer

Quick and easy. Employees can complete the assessment in 5-15 min

Customized and individualized reports for each employee

Prescribed supports are inexpensive and easy to implement

Training and support portal for employees needing accommodations

Over 80 million Americans have a diagnosed cognitive condition like ADHD, Dyslexia or Autism. Many more struggle with attention, organization, reading or learning differences that impacts their work life but have never been diagnosed with a specific condition.

These neurodiverse people often struggle at work. They think differently. If their strengths are not leveraged effectively, they often fail leading to unnecessary employee churn.  Replacing an employee costs at least $13,996. These costs skyrocket as employee responsibilities and salaries increase.

IT or tech focused jobs are often a great fit for people with cognitive differences when they are supported appropriately. The current value of unfilled IT jobs is $20.1 billion.

Every employees’ brains work differently than anyone elses'. All of your employees will benefit and feel valued through the use of our inexpensive and easy to use software.

Meet our team

Ken Cohen

With over 30 years of experience as a senior executive and innovation consultant in the technology and education sectors, Ken’s passion is to enable entrepreneurs, innovators and developers by leveraging the tools of entrepreneurship and start-up implementation. His skills include strategy development and implementation, business development and consultative sales, finance, accounting and funding, legal affairs, operations management, human resources management, real estate construction and project management, information technology strategy, development and deployment.

Jeff Hadfield

Jeff has over 25 years of award-winning technology product sales, revenue, marketing and content experience, with a focus on the IT / developer market (from startup to SMB to Enterprise). He helps businesses define messages and stories, build go-to-market outbound plans, plan/execute sales/marketing strategies, construct content marketing, measure and define success. He helps businesses of all types, from startup to global, SaaS to service, understand technical audiences - and how to influence this audience to achieve their marketing and sales goals. His unique blend of sales, marketing, content and manage experience mixed with technical savvy and practical, prescriptive advice has made him the go-to expert adviser for hundreds of companies.

Mike Sax

Mike Sax is co-founder of Asigo, a company dedicated to helping accountants become better business coaches through software tools for financial analysis. Mike has over 20 years of experience leading software companies that build mission critical software. Prior to Asigo, Mike founded businesses focused on software development, health, and wellness management. Mike is also founder and chairman of the Association for Competitive Technology (ACT), a non-profit organization that helps policy makers understand the impact of proposed legislation on small business innovators.

Scott Weiner

Scott is an expert in building high performance teams and supporting better executive decisions for startups through Fortune 500 executives and teams. He is an experienced leader with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for managing people, processes and business strategies toward the optimal results. For over 25 years Scott has helped build and guide multi-million dollar and billion dollar companies and excelled in CEO / VP Engineering / CTO / Product roles driving companies and Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC). He has focused on building teams creating SaaS and mobile solutions. Much of Scott's experience has been in Financial and Healthcare as well as Social Media, Ed Tech, B2B e-commerce, gaming.

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